On December 10th, 2016 I travelled to Birmingham with my homies. We were originally going for Space Jesus and Yheti at Zydeco. I was pleasantly surprised to find myself in a crowd of people enjoying two brothers distributing filth amongst them as we arrived. This duo was opening the evening and I was impressed with the full throttle start they provided. OUR$E is electronic, plus live drums! It was an intense amplification difference concerning the bass and I cannot express to you how fucking much I love bass. You get the best of two wonderful worlds to create an even more kick ass experience when the bass kicks you in the face!!! More often than not I found myself getting lost in the melodies they provided, taking me to another place all together. Afterwards, I saw them slip into the crowd and rage equally as hard from the crowd most of the night.

I had already made up my mind before we left the venue that I had to get in contact with at least one of the brothers to discuss music. Their names are Jake and JT Carter and they blow minds!

Jake agreed to meet with me over Skype and also answered all of my questions, no matter how stupid. His brother JT had prior engagements, but is the drummer for OUR$E and literally destroys while on stage. Jake is the producer for this duo and he loves chicken and dumplings, preferably from his Mother or Cracker Barrel. He has the intention of becoming a neurosurgeon alongside producing. He finds most relation to Keys N Krates and I could not agree more! YOU GAVE US THE BASS!!! Jake found a love in finger drumming on a launch pad and it one day blossomed into a successful, gnarly gig with his brother JT!

I asked him what it felt like from the other side up there. I have always been genuinely curious. He claimed that it was a wonderful feeling, inflicting emotions and providing the vibe and tone for an entire room/crowd. I could only imagine. Jake’s playlists might include Zeds Dead, Odesza, Jauz, Nightmre, Slander and Excision but are not limited to that selection. Mountain biking, skiing and going to shows are his favorite things. Who could blame him?


An ability to empathetically produce beats based on your crowd, that talent and consideration combination is irreplaceable and only found rarely. If you have the chance to see OUR$E, you will not regret it. I have posted a link to their Soundcloud, give them a listen and a follow shortly after because you won’t be able to help yourself.



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