Jai Wolf in Austin

Jai Wolf in Austin


As I may have mentioned to you before, Euphoria has been the ultimate festival for me on a personal and spiritual level. Euphoria taught me how much music and the audience means to me with just a few short days spent raging on their festival grounds. Before I went to Euphoria, I had been on a crazy Jai Wolf kick for about a month. I showed my friends my favorite songs produced by him, “Indian Summer” and “Feels”, every time we entered a vehicle. I danced and sang loudly to him consistently before arriving in Austin, TX to see him among many others. I managed to get rail for Jai Wolf. You can only imagine the pure bliss I felt with that opportunity. Towards the beginning of the show there were a few inebriated girls screaming loudly and pushing behind me. They were attempting to push me off of the rail. I stood my ground and gripped the rail tightly, waiting for someone deserving of the rail spot. Jai Wolf had not played either of my favorite songs, but I was already resisting tears. He was even more amazing than I ever could have imagined. I glanced behind me at some point and realized the girls were gone (thank god), but there was a girl that seemed to be close to my age standing right behind me. She had beautiful, curly red hair and she was wearing a camera around her neck. She smiled at me and mouthed, “I love Jai Wolf”, so I scooted over and we shared the rail. I warned my new friend that if he played “Feels” or “Indian Summer” I would cry. She told me it was likely that she would do the same. It was within the next fifteen minutes that he dropped both “Feels” and “Indian Summer”. We cried together. The crowd, other than a couple of rowdy intoxicated humans, was full of love and incredible happiness. I felt as if every single person standing next to me was one of my closest friends-an irreplaceable memory including an irreplaceable artist and festival. Thank you, Jai Wolf, for new friends and yummy sounds!



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