Griz Under the Hot Sun; A Bonnaroovian Memoir

Griz Under the Hot Sun; A Bonnaroovian Memoir


I had been waiting all day long in the hot sun to see Griz at Bonnaroo this year. The piercing heat could not keep us from the one and only Griz! We, at first, were not in the front. We stood in the back for the sets prior to Griz, to allow the fans for those artists to snag a place up front. We moved up closer once they began to prep the stage for Griz though. My group of friends and I had a solid spot in the middle of the front. It was perfect. We immediately met a groovy group of boys that were actually there to see The Grateful Dead primarily, but were checking out Griz. I reassured them that they were about to have a funky, irreplaceable experience. Griz was only funky at first, but his set later turned into something a tad more heavy than I am used to hearing from Griz. A lot of people say that this set, and his surprise Kalliope set were the heaviest sets they had seen from him. I was honored to have seen both. His computer/set up overheated towards the end of his time, causing a small hiccup. This only let us know that he was going as hard as he possibly could in the hot sun.  I stood amazed with my mouth hanging open for a majority of his set. The other times I was getting down of course. The crowd was incredibly friendly and loving. Everyone was just interested in enjoying one another’s company. It seems to always be this way at Griz’s shows. I don’t know what he does to people, but I would like to politely request that he never stop.





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