G Jones, Yheti and Bleep Boop

G Jones, Yheti and Bleep Boop

Let me just say that this was my first live encounter with that weird shit G Jones, Yheti and Bleep Bloop all like to throw down. My friends and I loaded up on a whim and began our journey. I knew G Jones very well, but Bleep Bloop and Yheti were very new to me. I was encouraged by most of my friends to accept the opportunity. It was pretty easy to convince me. I am a sucker for nasty beats. We arrived at Exit In (a dope little place if I do say so myself) a while before anyone had begun to play, so we had plenty of time to mingle and search for souls we recognized. There was an awesome patio/lounge area outside that seemed to be remnants of  a Tiki Bar. There were people floating around out there all night. Most everyone that I spoke to was there to see all three of the artists. This line up seemed to be exciting everyone and it was infectious. When  Yheti and  Bleep Bloop graced us with their presence, my mind was blown. I now have them on most of my work out and social playlists. If you ever have the opportunity to see them, please do it. It is so incredibly weird and magical. It will change your perspective on EDM a little. A whole new world does not even begin to describe the nasty frequencies they put out. G Jones began his set and we immediately fought through the crowd to see him closer. We banged our heads and got down to the beat and I haven’t even gotten to the best part. We waited a little longer after he ended his set and got to meet him. He smiled for a picture with us and captured our hearts in a two minute conversation.  G Jones is a down to earth, lovable, nasty ass producer and I cannot wait to meet him again.


g-jones-exit-in-feb-18 g-jones-nash-feb-18-exit-in

PS for those of you that read until this point, the links dropped on G Jones, Bleep Bloop and Yheti’s names will direct you to their SoundCloud; love and light and lots of bass XOXO



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